Wisdom Teeth Pain

Wisdom teeth pain occurs because of two reasons. Firstly when the wisdom teeth try to come out and don’t get enough space for erupting, they cause pain. Other reason for wisdom teeth pain is their extraction. Normally, wisdom teeth develop at the age of 17 to 25, when all the adult teeth appear in the mouth and occupy their places. At such times, when wisdom teeth develop, they don’t get space. This condition is called impaction. Sometimes cysts, i.e. pockets of fluids, develop around the teeth. Rarely, tumors too take place. All these conditions cause pain and swelling.

In some other cases, there is no impaction of wisdom teeth, and they come out either fully or partially. This also gives rise to pain, as a natural response of the body to this new occurrence. This happens after the wisdom teeth extraction too. Just as when you get a wound, the area around it pains and is reddened, and swollen, wisdom teeth eruption or extraction wound too encounters pain, redness and swelling. This is because more amount of oxygen, red blood cells and nutrients are sent to the affected area, as a result of which the minute blood vessels there dilate and so, pain, redness and swelling is caused.

In rare cases, there is no problem, like pain, with the wisdom teeth and they are not needed to be removed. However, in future, the unproblematic-looking wisdom teeth may cause complications; therefore, decision is taken to remove them. Wisdom teeth pain is caused especially when the jaw is drilled during their removal. The prescribed or over-the-counter medicines for pain-killing and antibiotics should be taken regularly. While consuming over-the-counter medicines, consult your dentist about them.

For wisdom teeth pain not caused by surgery, extraction is a guaranteed remedy; but people are scared of it imagining the pain and try to control the situation through pain-killers, which give temporary relief. If you consider the pros and cons of wisdom teeth extraction, you will understand that the extraction pain is not that bad and will last only for a few days, but will give you permanent relief from the periodically arising wisdom teeth pain.

To get rid of the wisdom teeth pain, after their extraction, there are lots of ways. Firstly, you take plenty of rest and don’t do any troublesome physical activity. You can engage into watching your favorite movies, listening to soothing music or reading books during this period if you are bored of just lying down. Keep on applying ice-pack on the paining area, over the cheek, for the first 24 hours and then apply a moist warm washcloth or towel to treat the pain and swelling with heat therapy. Both should be applied on a 20-minutes on, 20-minutes off basis. Gargling with warm salt water should be done many times in a day, and especially after having food, so as to relieve pain, and wash off fastened food particles in the wounded area and bacteria from the mouth. Avoid taking solid foods for the initial days after the surgery. Soft foods like apple sauce, yogurt, peaches, soups, pudding, etc are the best during this period. If these simple things are followed, it is not difficult to overcome the wisdom teeth pain.