Wisdom Teeth Recovery Pain

While going through wisdom teeth recovery, pain is an unavoidable event you will have to go through. As such, before extraction too, wisdom teeth cause pain, when they don’t get enough space and are unable to erupt. In such cases, infection arises and tooth decay is the further consequence. And after extraction too, during the recovery period, they cause pain, which is the reason why people are afraid of wisdom teeth extraction. But remember, pain during recovery period is a part of the natural healing process. In order to bring about faster healing, more blood, with necessary nutrients, is sent by the body to the surgical wound. As a result, minute blood vessels in the area dilate and so, consequences like pain, redness, swelling, etc, occur. Therefore when, during wisdom teeth recovery, pain occurs, you should be prepared for it and take it positively.

Like any other surgery, after dental surgery too, (though it seems minor), you require plenty of rest. Schedule the surgery with your doctor’s consent, at a weekend day, so that in the coming days, you can have a good amount of rest. Don’t do any strenuous activity during this period to avoid worsening of pain and swelling.

When, during wisdom teeth recovery, pain occurs, first and foremost remedy is the pain-killers prescribed by your doctor. If you consider taking any pain-killers, like codeine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, etc, and if they have not been prescribed, you should first consult the doctor about them.

Rinsing the mouth many times, with warm salt water, helps in relieving pain and swelling after wisdom teeth extraction. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and use it to rinse the mouth. Don’t rinse vigorously though. Salt water helps in keeping away bacteria too. You can continue it for many days, as it helps and causes no harm. Avoid using commercial mouthwashes for this purpose, because they may cause irritation to the surgical wound.

While you brush, take care not to brush the area around the extracted teeth. You will have to take care about this for a few days after the wisdom teeth extraction.

You can try some natural remedies for pain after wisdom teeth extraction. Peppermint leaves, for example, if are placed around the wound, bring about considerable reduction in pain. Everyday, you should keep the leaves for at least 15 to 20 minutes. So also, a small bag of black tea, if placed on or near the wound, helps a lot. Clove oil is another good remedy. Apply it with cotton to the paining area. Sometimes, chewing a freshly cut garlic applied with rock salt, also helps in relieving pain. Another remedy is to place a small piece of cucumber.

You can also do some additional activities to control the wisdom teeth recovery pain. Acupressure on the web between the thumb and the index finger also relieves pain significantly. Exterior application of ice cubes too helps. Give a gentle massage around the operated area to improve the blood circulation there. And remember to avoid too hot, spicy, as well as sweet foods to prevent the pain from worsening. Thus, if you take due care, you can easily bear the wisdom teeth recovery pain.