Wisdom Teeth Recovery Tips

Wisdom teeth recovery tips are helpful before, during and after the wisdom teeth extraction. If you know exactly what is to be done in this period, you feel much relaxed and unworried. They let you know the reasons behind many troubling and confusing things and prepare you to face unpleasant situations. Therefore it is better to get knowledge and thereby keep away unnecessary anxiety.

Best source of knowledge is your oral surgeon. Engage into a discussion with the doctor. Ask all your difficulties to the doctor without any hesitation. This helps in another way too. After talking to the doctor, you come to know that the situation is not as bad as you think, which is good for your comfort level.

Wisdom tooth removal can be done on an outpatient basis or in the oral surgeon’s office. This is decided by the doctor and the patient and involves many factors like patient’s age, difficulty of the procedure, possible complications, and so on.

Take some close relative or friend with you at the time of surgery, who should wait while and after the surgery is performed. Do not eat or drink anything six hours before surgery, except the prescribed medicines. Wear loose clothes, with sleeves that can be easily folded up. Avoid wearing watch or any ornament. Be calm. You need not be afraid of the volume of blood during wisdom teeth removal or any other dental surgery. It seems increased many times than it actually is and the reason is mixing of saliva.

It is very important to remember wisdom teeth recovery tips about what to do after surgery. When you come out of the effect of anesthesia, you are bound to undergo a lot of pain. So also, bleeding and swelling are inevitable parts. You cannot do anything else than to bear them. But you can definitely reduce them and hasten the recovery process by doing certain things. To relieve pain, prefer acetaminophen or ibuprofen to aspirin. Aspirin delays healing process. Bleeding continues for at least 10 hours and to lessen it, pressurizing the operated area is necessary. Normally doctors keep a gauze pad for the purpose. A teabag wrapped in gauze is a better option though. Tea contains tannic acid which promotes narrowing of minute blood vessels in the area and thus accelerates clotting process. To relieve swelling, ice can be applied from exterior. Another better alternative is tiny bags of frozen peas. They are softer and do not keep on melting. Remember to keep your head elevated while lying down. Steroids are given intravenously to overcome swelling; sometimes rebound swelling may occur, in which the swelling doesn’t occur immediately after surgery, but after two days. You need not worry, because it is relieved with ice or frozen pea-bags.

Avoid doing strenuous activities after surgery. You have to relax for maximum time. Keep a lot of soft foods handy, to eat after surgery. Things like pudding, soups, gelatin, yogurt, or apple sauce are good for this purpose. Soft fruits like peaches or pears are also good. As healing progresses, you can include more solids gradually in the diet. Avoid actions like drinking using straws, spitting, smoking, etc. They may bring about disruption of clot and delay in the healing. Smoking also reduces blood supply and imparts germs and contaminants to the surgical wound. After the first day of the surgery, rinse the mouth gently with warm salt water many times a day. This reduces pain and swelling. Take care while brushing your teeth and tongue. Avoid touching the surgical wound with tongue or fingers repeatedly. If you remember all these wisdom teeth recovery tips well, you will hardly face any problem during and after your wisdom teeth extraction.