Wisdom Teeth Recovery Food

Though much has been advised about the wisdom teeth recovery food, it is to be well understood that whatever you eat should be soft with no bits in between. Like when you eat ice cream, it should be plain ice cream, with no butterscotch, chocolate chips and the like. Remember to stay away from any small sized food particles, like foods which contain small seeds, etc, as the small particles may get caught into the surgical wound and need to be removed by the doctor in order to avoid causing infection. As such, there are many alternatives for you, so no need to get bored or worried about the food. You can eat ice cream, yogurt, applesauce, mashed potatoes, pudding, soups of all kinds (with no hard objects and preferably cold), milk shakes, and so on.

Quickly prepared and soft, though protein-packed, are boiled or lightly fried eggs.

You will find that your blender is your true friend at this time of your life. You can make nicely whirled gazpacho, smoothies, mashed cheese, fruits, pureed soups, soft cooked carrots, beets, and much more.

Many people prefer baby foods on such times and they are really yummy and, of course, healthy. There are many flavors too.

If you like hot chocolate, it will be good for you as wisdom teeth recovery food. Just allow it to cool a little. Take a mouthful; hold it for some seconds on one side of your mouth and then gulp.

If you want to get rid of the feeling of drinking all your meal, there is a nice option. They are beans! You can refry them to make so soft as not to cause any problem and you can add to them melted cheese for additional protein. Beans are softened, but their texture will give you a satisfaction that you are CHEWING something.

Oatmeal and scrambled tofu are also good options. Rice porridge, especially the congee or jook variety, is always good and wholesome. If you are not excited with the idea, there are so many options to add to it. You can add sauces of your liking. You can also fry eggs lightly in oil and soy sauce and add them to the porridge. They present no difficulty in chewing. So also, you can add some chopped meat (should be made very soft), sesame oil, salt or pepper powder and so on. If you like it sweet, you can add some concentrated milk.

For faster wisdom teeth recovery, hot food should be avoided. This is because the temperature of the food may dissolve the blood clot in the socket to give rise to dry socket or infection. If you cannot eat food like soups, pasta, or mashed potatoes cold, bring them to room temperature and then eat.

To include more fluids in your diet is for keeping you well hydrated to maintain your oral mucosa moist and the blood clots in place. However, straw should not be used to consume the liquids, as it creates a negative pressure in the mouth which is likely to break off the clots. There are different opinions about soda and carbonated soft drinks regarding whether they should be avoided or not. But looking at the risk of dislodging of the clots, it is better to stay away from them for a few days. Alcohol too is a strict no-no for at least the first 24 hours, because it delays the healing process.

When you switch back to solids, it is better to try naturally soft foods first, like fish. This will make your wisdom teeth recovery food colorful and won’t disgust you at all!